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Security and online Senior Living Referral Services

With the recent Equifax Breach it has brought more awareness to how vulnerable our information is with the technology that exists.

While researching Senior Living options online for yourself or a loved one you may be unaware of the ways in which your information is being distributed.

Many online Senior Placement and Referral service companies will want to capture your information before generating a list of options.

For example, while google searching Assisted Living Portland, Oregon a list of links will be generated. When you click one of the links you will be required to put in some basic information before being directed to a list of options or before you can receive further pricing information. Entering your information will typically result in a phone call from the online Senior Living Referral service to gather additional information. Entering your information could also result in a phone call from 10 or more communities that the online Senior Living Referral service distributes your information to.

In addition, once the online Senior Living Referral service captures your information, distributes it to the referred communities, your information will be entered into the databases of those communities and can be viewed by anyone that has access to that database. Your phone number, your email, your address, your health and financial information can all be distributed when the online Senior Referral service captures you or a loved one as a lead.

Once they capture you or your loved one as a “lead” they essentially “own” the “lead” and receive compensation for referring your name and contact information to multiple communities or when you or your loved one move into a community that they distributed your information to they can also receive compensation.

In order to avoid having your information mass distributed to multiple communities and input into numerous databases do not fill in your email address, name or phone number to receive pricing or a list of communities.

A more secure and efficient way to narrow down Senior Living options, that fit your criteria, without having your information mass distributed, is to use a Trusted Senior Living Advisor that is willing to meet with you in person to assess you or a loved ones needs.

Once the assessment is completed a Trusted Senior Living Advisor should recommend only a few options that are a good fit and can also provide coordination of setting up the tours as well as take you to see the recommended options.

Using a Senior Living Advisor who is able to recommend a few options instead of overwhelming you with multiple options will save you time and hassle. A Trusted Senior Living Advisor will know which communities have stable staff, happy residents, good food and quality care. The only way to gain this type of in depth knowledge about the Senior Living Communities is by visiting them regularly, which the online Senior Living Referral companies do not have.

Another benefit of using a Trusted Senior Living Advisor is that they can be your one point of contact rather than having your information distributed to all the communities you are potentially interested in. Only the Senior Living Advisor will have your contact information unless you would like to give it to the recommended communities. This will eliminate numerous calls and emails from multiple communities.

Lastly, once you choose a community, a good Senior Living Advisor will assist you with negotiating costs, recommend resources for: downsizing, selling a home, moving and assist with the necessary documents and paperwork to get moved into the community.

To find a Trusted Senior Living Advisor in your area please get in touch with Kelley Rogers at 503-420-9011, email or via the contact form on the website

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