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Security and online Senior Living Referral Services

With the recent Equifax Breach it has brought more awareness to how vulnerable our information is with the technology that exists. While researching Senior Living options online for yourself or a loved one you may be unaware of the ways in which your information is being distributed. Many online Senior Placement and Referral service companies will want to capture your information before generating a list of options. For example, while google searching Assisted Living Portland, Oregon a list of links will be generated. When you click one of the links you will be required to put in some basic information before being directed to a list of options or before you can receive further pricing information. Entering your information will typically result in a phone call from the online Senior Living Referral service to gather additional information. Entering your information could also result in a phone call from 10 or more communities that the online Senior Living Referral service distributes your information to. In addition, once the online Senior...

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Understanding Long Term Care Policies

Only about 10% of the senior population have Long Term Care Policies, yet 90% or greater of 65+ years old will need some form of Long Term Care. As a Senior Living Advisor, I assist my clients in reviewing their Long Term Care Policies to determine if they are currently qualified to use the benefits of their policy or when they will be qualified to use the benefits which they have paid into for many years. It is common for many of my clients to not know where their original policy is and also not recall what their policy covers. Upon reviewing their policies with them they are usually surprised to find out their policy covers more or less than they expected. Whether you are looking to purchase a Long Term Care Policy currently and would like to become educated or you would like to understand how to read your current policy here are some common features and provisions: Elimination period: The period of time before the insurance policy...

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How to Know When a Loved One Needs a Guardian or Conservator

Caring for loved ones as they become unable to care for themselves can bring about difficult legal decisions. You may have a loved one that is no longer able to make good decisions with their health and finances. Guardianship and Conservatorship can help you provide for someone who’s incapable of managing their financial affairs or personal healthcare needs. Many of the clients we assist do not know what a Guardian or Conservator is nor when the appropriate time to pursue Guardianship or Conservatorship is. Here are some basics that may help: What is a Guardian and Conservator? Guardian: A person appointed by the court who has the legal authority to care for the personal interests of another person. Usually a guardian is appointed when that person is incapable of caring for his or her own interests due to incapacity or disability. Conservator: A person appointed by the courts when a person is incapable of caring for his or her own financial interests due to minority, incapacity, or disability. The...

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Aging in Arizona Radio Broadcast: Senior One Source Senior Placement in Arizona

Senior living options are numerous and varied in Maricopa County Arizona. And, with so many options, the choices can be overwhelming for seniors and their families. Senior One Source Senior Living Advisors, are experts in senior care and senior living with Senior One Source. A Senior Living Advisor joined us to explain everything from Independent Living to Skilled Nursing Facilities – and everything in between. For more information visit Direct Radio Show...

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