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Jamie Jablonski

Jamie Jablonski

I have been blessed to have some amazing senior influences in my life.  From living with my grandparents while growing up, volunteering at senior communities, being taught to sew and embroider, developing my love of wildlife and the outdoors, being mentored in my professional career, or listening to the many stories from the veterans in my family, so many seniors contributed to help shape who I am today.

Utilizing my 20+ years in Human Resources, I assist families to problem solve, work together, and find the best solution for their current senior living needs.  Providing guidance with care and compassion to help navigate what may be a difficult or stressful process, is just one way I can give back and show my appreciation to a generation who has given me so much.

When Iā€™m not working you can usually find me crafting and woodworking, watching college football or baseball, organizing camping trips or a get together with my family and friends, or my favorite thing, spending time loving my husband of 24 years, Tim, and my two children, Andrew, and Jenna

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