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Long Term Care Referral Privacy Policy & Disclosure

All Long Term Care Referral Businesses operating in the State of Oregon are required by law to register with the Department of Human Services and provide a list of disclosures to clients as well as additional information for consumers seeking assistance in finding long-term care options.

Mandated Disclosures

      Oregon law requires a Long-Term Care Referral Agent to make the following disclosures to a client:

  • The types of referrals being provided to you include, but not limited to the following:
    • Adult Foster Home
    • Residential Care Facility
    • Assisted Living Facility
    • Memory Care
    • Nursing Facility
    • Independent Living
    • Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
    • Medicaid Contracted
  • Limitations on referrals. The client will be referred only to facilities with which the Referral Agent has a business-to-business contract:  Yes     No   
  • Referral fees. Any fees paid to the Referral Agent for services will be paid by the admitting home/facility:  Yes     No    
  • This Referral Agent’s right to a referral fee does not expire if the client does not move in to a referred facility within a specified period from the time of the referral.
  • Facility Complaint History. The Department of Human Services (DHS) website listing complaints concerning facilities/care communities is found at:

Additional Information

The following additional information beyond the mandatory disclosures is provided to assist the consumer in understanding Oregon laws regarding referrals. 

A Referral Agent Must:

  • Discontinue providing services to a client who notified the Referral Agent in writing that the client no longer wishes to use the services of the Referral Agent. If the Referral Agent has received compensation from the facility for a referral that has been made, the client may notify the Referral Agent in writing that he/she wish to use the services of another Referral Agent in the future for referral to another facility in a subsequent move. The client’s written notice shall identify the name of the facility and the move-in date of the original referral made by the Referral Agent.
  • Provide the required disclosures to the client in writing in a conspicuous and clear manner. The disclosure may be made orally first if the agent makes an audio recording with the consent of the client and thereafter provides the client a written disclosure.

A Referral Agent May Not:

  • Provide a referral to a long-term care facility/home for compensation unless registered with DHS.
  • Refer a client to a facility in which the Referral Agent or an immediate family member has an ownership interest.
  • Contact a client or authorized representative who has requested in writing that the Referral Agent stop contacting them.
  • Share a client’s placement information with or sell a client’s placement information to a facility or marketing affiliate without obtaining affirmative consent from the client or his/her authorized representative for each instance of sharing or selling such information.

Authorization to Share Placement Information

I authorize this Referral Agent to share my placement information with the facilities to which I will be referred or with this Referral Agent’s marketing affiliates.  

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