Karen Parsons

Mid-Willamette Valley


About Karen

I have always loved listening to seniors telling stories or sharing memories about their lives and fascinated by how different things are now as opposed to then. My biggest motivation is to remember that we are serving people who have lived a very full and often difficult life so that we can have the lives and freedom we have now. I’m so honored to be a part of a WWII Veteran’s life-which gets me emotional every time. And I consider it a great privilege to serve our Vietnam veterans because I feel it is a chance for us to give them the love and respect they didn’t get when they came back home.  You will often see me with my 3 lb coworker and Yorkie, Sophie. She is either on my lap or in her pink purse. Her job is to make sad days better days and she is really good at it.  I am blessed to have the best husband in the world and we have quite the large family. Thanksgiving is my favorite but it’s always loud with our three sons, their wives and 12 grandchildren!! 

Options I Can Help With:

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