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Helping Elderly Parents Transition from their Home

After Marsha’s husband passed away, her daughter Beverly, started coming around more often and noticed that her mother was not able to keep up with the house & yard as she used to. Marsha also mentioned that she didn’t enjoy cooking for just herself, so would often eat snacks or frozen meals from the grocery store. As a result she had lost weight that she didn’t’ need to. Her driving abilities had also become unsafe. Deep down Marsha knew she should not be driving and therefore did not venture far from her home. Because she wasn’t able to get out as she used to and many of her friends had moved closer to their families or passed away, she was feeling lonely. One day Beverly was speaking with her friend Kathy about her mother. Kathy mentioned that her own 83 year old mother had recently moved into a Senior Living Community nearby where she had meals, housekeeping, transportation & activities provided.  Kathy told Beverly her mother hadn’t been this...

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5 Steps to Weaning Dependent Adult Children off Senior Parents

Many families are facing the phenomenon of trying to ensure their senior parents have the best quality of life during their retirement years, yet dealing with the resistance of a dependent Adult Child living with or off of their parent. This dependency is depleting their parents of assets and income that is necessary for their retirement needs and quality of life. Parents are willing to provide for their children even when they know their children should be able to provide for themselves. They do this out of fear of what might happen to their dependent child or what that adult child might do, if they say “no” or no longer provide for their child’s “needs”. It is a huge roadblock and problem for families to overcome in helping ensure their loved ones can move on and have a better quality of life without the dependency of their children inhibiting them. To help with this process refer to the plan below. Scenario-Adult daughter helping mother with dependent adult son The...

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Guide for Senior Living Options

As you are beginning to research Senior Living Options for yourself or a loved one you are probably beginning to notice that there are many choices available. This can make your search very time consuming and unless you are familiar with the various Senior Living Options it could take you weeks or months to make an educated decision that you will be happy with in the long run. In order to assist you in narrowing down the options, please refer to the categories below to gain an understanding of what options might be a good fit. If you prefer to speak with someone rather than read, it might benefit you to call a Senior Living Advisor at Senior One Source to learn more about the options and which communities within various categories are more preferable for your situation. There is also a reference chartat the bottom of this article detailing types of care & costs. Independent Senior Living Communities: Independent Senior Living Communities provide meals, housekeeping, transportation, emergency response...

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What is a Senior Living Advisor?

When you want to invest your money wisely, you call a Financial Advisor. When searching for a home, you call a realtor. When you are not feeling well, you call your Doctor. When you have legal concerns, you call an Attorney. Who do you turn to when you want to ensure you are making the best decision about one of life’s most important transitions pertaining to how and where you or a loved one should spend remaining retirement years? Typically, when something changes with you or a loved ones needs you probably turn to a phone book or internet search. Then upon narrowing down options via those sources you begin to make calls and schedule appointments with those contacts. This can be very time consuming and if you aren’t sure what questions you should ask or what to look for, your conclusion of which is the best option may be one you later regret. When making a decision about long term health care needs during retirement years as you...

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Choosing A Senior Living Community

The choice to move into a senior living community is as individual as the person making the decision. There is no clear-cut, step-by-step template that tells people exactly when it is time to consider a senior living community, whether that be an independent living community, assisted living community or nursing home. However, there are numerous signs that a new living arrangement is needed, such as inability to manage a home’s upkeep, assistance with meals, medication management, loneliness, and other issues. Here, we offer some tips for choosing a quality residence and the important factors in the decision-making process. Choosing a senior living residence for yourself or a loved one is one of the biggest decisions of your life. It involves the sobering realization that living alone in a home full of love and memories may no longer be the best setting at this phase of your life or your loved one’s life. Fortunately, many more assisted living and senior living options are available today than there were decades ago....

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